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XINGHAO is a manufacturer which combines the design, product development and manufacturing of modern office furniture. XINGHAO specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality bar chairs, and office chairs. A professional staff in this field guarantees the high quality and novel style of our products; strict quality management and perfect after-sale service are highly praised and trusted by our clients, which also lays a solid foundation for the further steady development of XINGHAO.

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Roundhill Swivel Black Leather Adjustable Hyd...With the high foot bar table, it's a small bar. Adjustable height, bar bench next to bar. PU material cushion, air rod adjustable height, cushion foot frame, chrome plated steel base, 360 degree rotation and other functions. A small table with the tall bar, put in the glass window, is a two person across the corner. In the western open kitchen, the table...