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Maintenance Of Metal Stool Chairs

Jun 06, 2017

    Advantages: highly personalized style, rich color choices, diverse varieties, with folding function, quite aesthetic value, inexpensive goods.

    Metal stool to buy:

1. Coating

Chrome part: the coating should be bright and smooth, light can Kam, the coating can not blister, can not rust, can not be exposed yellow, can not have scratches.

Titanium part: color can not whiten, especially bogey, the other with chrome.Metal Stool Chair

Spray part: the film does not fall off, no pimple, no wrinkle skin, no rust point, smooth and delicate, moist and solid.

2. Metal pipe and riveting folding parts

Metal pipe part: can not have loose joints, cracks, open welding, pits; bend can not have gills, curved should be smooth and smooth; welding can not have Weld, missed welding, welding wear, stomata, residual wire head, burr , And to be polished rounded: the wall surface should be smooth and smooth, feel smooth.Metal Stool Chair

Riveting part: should be firmly not loose, rivets round and the surrounding should be smooth no smash marks or burrs.

Folding part: should be easy to hold together, but too loose just right. Folding bed, chairs, stools, sofas, tables and other open, the four feet should be in the same level.Metal Stool Chair

Maintenance of metal stools:

Chrome stool

Aluminum stool can not be placed in the wet place, or easy to rust, and even lead to coating off. Chrome-plated film such as the emergence of yellow brown spot, with the neutral oil often wipe, to prevent its extension to expand. If there is rust, can be used cotton or brush dipped in oil coated in the rust, a moment and then wipe the complex, to remove the rust so far, absolutely not sandpaper polished. Usually do not use the chrome stool can be coated with a layer of anti-rust coating on the chrome, placed in a dry place.

2. Titanium stool

The real high-quality titanium stool, of course, will not rust, but it is best to contact with the water, often with a dry cotton or cloth rub a rub to keep the light and beautiful.Metal Stool Chair

3. spray stool chair

Spray stool such as stains, wet cotton cloth can be wiped and then dry with dry cotton, pay attention not to keep the water. Use should pay attention to the points: no matter what kind of painted metal stool chair, move to be gently, to avoid bumps; should avoid touching hard metal parts, such as fruit knives, keys, etc., so as not to cause scratches. Do not break too much to ensure that the folded part is not damaged.Metal Stool Chair

In fact, the summer stool material is the most common wood, iron plastic, rattan, bamboo and so on. Wooden stool chairs do not have to say, we are very familiar with; iron stool chair not only visual cooling effect, feels cold and cool, it is the best summer feeling; vine bamboo stool is fresh and natural , Simple and elegant, cool and pleasant, the most suitable for summer use.