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Office Furniture Design Trend Forecast In 2015

Apr 12, 2017

Intelligence, human nature is always the theme of office furniture design unchanged. Why do office furniture electronic design? Nothing more than to improve the efficiency of the office, in order to bring a laptop or mobile phone power supply, you have to bend the fat fat figure, the desktop socket can be a good solution to this problem.. In addition, although the standing office concept is no longer surprising, but standing innovation design of the office is not much, the desktop is designed into two kinds of separation can adjust the height, short and tall exchanges will become more comfortable?

Seemingly ordinary desktop, in fact, embedded with an electronic display, touch the desktop display, you can achieve interoperability of mobile phones and computers. Does that sound a little magical?

Some lovely design began to enter the office furniture design field, four a circular, triangular Lingding mesa, full of lovely face, armrests and backrest height and thickness of the sofa seat, so you want to move back home, is there? But if you can't move back, why don't you want to stay in the office for a while?

Bionic let us return to nature

Nature has never been far away from us, and all kinds of creatures in nature can bring inspiration to office furniture designers. There have been designers will be designed to become the mouth of the shape of the flower bud, both dust and beautiful. Now, designers will be integrated into the chair and the desktop to a horse or butterfly shape. In addition to a high degree of space saving, even at work, you can pick up the happiness of childhood.