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Teach You How To Buy Metal Stool Chair?

May 18, 2017

Teach you how to buy metal stool chairs?

Furniture structure is stable, with the metal corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation, insect-resistant characteristics, compared to ordinary wooden furniture life longer, so that many consumers are loved. But choosing a high-quality metal stool chair is not an easy task,

Metal Stool Chair Selection:

1, Metal Stool Chair pay attention to the appearance of furniture. The metal furniture on the market is generally two categories:

(1) Metal Stool Chair Electroplating chairs, its requirements should be plating layer not foaming, not to the skin, not dew yellow, no scratches on the surface;

(2) Metal Stool Chair Paint chairs, to ensure that the film does not fall off, no wrinkle skin, no apparent flow hanging, no bumps, no bump and scratch.

2, Metal Stool Chair the pipe wall of the pipe does not allow cracks, open welding, bending there is no obvious fold, the pipe mouth must not have edge, burr and angular edges.

3, Metal Stool Chair the welding parts between the pipe fittings do not allow leakage welding, open welding, virtual welding, can not appear blowhole, welding wear and burr defects.

4, Metal Stool Chair metal parts and steel pipe riveting should be firmly, not loose. Rivet cap to smooth, flat, no burr, no file injuries.

Metal Stool Chair If everyone wants to do a force for environmental protection, the choice of metal stool chair is not suitable for a good method, but also pay attention to metal stool chair not put in damp corners, should be placed in dry, ventilated place, lest rust.