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The Office Chair Is As High As The Knee

Apr 12, 2017

For office workers, chairs are like second beds, most of the time to sit on top of the work, so the chair is related to people's health. The American Chiropractic Association said, sit down when the chair is too low, people will "nest" in the seat, causing back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder muscle strain; and the chair will cause high elbow pain. So, how high chair is the most appropriate?

Adjust the height of the chair should stand up, from the chair one step farther and adjusting lever make the highest point of the chair seat is located just below the knee side, so when you sit down to reach the most perfect posture, which can put both feet flat on the ground, knees bent at right angles.

In addition, the height of the table should also be compatible with the chair, sit down when the table should have enough space to allow free movement of the legs, the use of the keyboard or mouse arm without lifting. If the legs often encounter table, need to pad hard some smooth and highly consistent in the leg of the table, in order to increase the height of the desk; if the office to arm elevation or often shoulder pain, you need to increase the height of the chair, high Houruo feet don't touch the ground or a chair above the knee, can sit down at the foot of the pad a few books.