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What Are The Dimensions And Materials Of The Dining Table?

Apr 12, 2017

What is the size and material of the dining room table? In our work and study life, the dining room table is one of the most frequently used furniture. So, what material and the size of the dining table is reasonable? This article on this topic for everyone to do this, so you have a correct understanding in life, the Xianghe furniture mall follow Xiaobian together to find out.

Dining room table is a kind of utensils used for food, a wide range of materials, more to the desktop and the seat is connected to the main style. The height of the 720mm-760mm standard, dining table and chair appliance to our daily life and social activities with the use of the sitting, leaning, meals and other functions. Usually consists of a number of parts and components assembled in a certain way. Dining table for everyone to use, most of the steel and wood structure, simple structure, simple color.

Dining table material

We know that the meal will often leave residue debris or oil stains and so on, which requires the dining room table must be cleaned easily, and the stainless steel table when cleaning, it is a good clean, but the overall effect is also very good, looks very beautiful, more important is the stainless steel table its anticorrosion ability is very good. But in this humid place, there must be his strong corrosion resistance, so in addition to our stainless steel canteen dining table, the other material produced by the table it is not applicable in the dining room.

There is a dining room table material is glass fiber reinforced plastic. Pay more attention to the maintenance of some table placed on the table for example: but something must use a heat insulation pad, if accidentally touched the white dirt on the table, available white camphor oil along the scale marks rubbed back and forth, if you want to remove the white dirt on the glass, can pour some oil in the dirt with white spotting the place, then wipe off. To scratch approach is to do work in the injured area with color dye, the dye has dried, and then evenly upper light wax. The easiest thing is to use wood floor repair liquid, you can remove the slight scratches on tables and chairs. Marble easy when cleaning or less water, regularly with a damp cloth with a mild detergent, then wipe dry with a soft cloth to clean and polish. On the one hand is the cafeteria in the purchase of the table, but also pay more attention to the price, in fact, the table is the same, so the price has become the first topic to be considered. Stainless steel table price is very reasonable, but also very simple and convenient, it does not account for a large area, but can accommodate a lot of people, so it is the best choice for the school cafeteria.